6m GP container conversion

6m Specialised conversion for application on a mine

Container storage units are affordable and versatile, catering to a range of needs. This is even more so when you partner with the trusted name of Storage WISE.

A client recently approached us to convert a 6m GP container into a storage unit with heavy lifting capabilities.

Heavy lifting with sufficient storage

We managed to successfully customise the container into a unit fully equipped with a steel I-beam with 1-ton certification. We added a 600 mm cantilever and a 2-ton crawl equipped with a 1.5-ton chain block.

Installing steel angle iron shelving finished off with wood infills on all sides, offers sufficient storage space for their spare parts.

Comfortable and safe workspace

The transformation also required the installation of an electrical DB with 2 double plugs and a connection box, plus 4 ft LED lights to ensure enough light inside. Two 300 mm galvanized wind turbines ensure sufficient ventilation, securing a safe and comfortable work environment.

After having installed a 2-3 mm thick polyurethane rubber flooring, did we deem the container to be a safe workspace.

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