6m B-grade GP container painted Night Blue

Transforming 6m Containers into Functional Site Offices: A Success Story with Storage WISE

At Storage WISE, we pride ourselves on turning customer visions into reality, even when faced with budget constraints. Recently, a local Non-Profit Organization (NPO) approached us with a specific request: they needed two 6m standard site offices within a limited budget. Here’s how we turned their requirements into a successful project.

Customer Requirements

The NPO had clear specifications:

  • Transform two 6m containers into functional site offices.

  • Adhere to a strict budget

  • Apply specific paint colors to each container.

  • Deliver the containers to two separate locations

How did we accomplish the container conversions?

Our team at Storage WISE took on the challenge with precision and creativity:

  • Sourcing

    Procured two 6m GP containers – B-Grade – ensuring quality within budget constraints.

  • Preparation

    Conducted thorough rust removal with wire brushing to prepare the containers for transformation.

  • Painting

    Applied primer and enamel top coat to the exteriors using RAL colour codes to match the requested colours: “Night Blue” and “Yellow/Orange”, complemented by a “Cream White” interior.

  • Doors and windows

    Installed two 1200mm x 900mm Aluminium windows with burglar bars and a sturdy steel panel door on each container to ensure security and functionality.

  • Electrical installation

    Integrated electrical components including a Distribution Board (DB) with Main Switch, Earth Leakage, and circuit breakers. Each office was equipped with 2 x 4ft LED lights, 4 x 16A Double plug points, a light switch, and a connection box for convenience.

  • Flooring

    Treated the floors with a water-based sealant, enhancing durability and providing a neat finish

  • Delivery

    Ensured timely delivery of the customised containers to their respective sites.

Delivering beyond expectations

The outcome surpassed our customer’s expectations. They were not only satisfied but impressed with the attention to detail and adherence to their specific requirements. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has already led to further engagements, as the NPO is now considering additional site offices with Storage WISE.

At Storage WISE, we don’t just deliver containers; we deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer.

Contact us today to discuss how we can transform your vision into reality, within your budget and timeline.

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