Container with 6.6-meter I-beam installed

Storage Wise Converts Containers into a Mining Workshop: Part 2

Storage WISE recently embarked on a transformative project for a repeat customer in the mining industry. The challenge? To convert two 6-meter containers into a unified workshop space, complete with specific modifications tailored to meet the demands of a mining site.

The customer’s vision was to seamlessly integrate the two containers, positioning them side by side while creating a connecting walkway between them. Each container had unique requirements, necessitating distinct alterations to serve their intended purposes efficiently.

Container 2

  • Rust Removal and Painting

    We began by addressing the container’s exterior and interior surfaces, meticulously removing any rust and corrosion. After thorough preparation, we applied a high-quality primer and paint, ensuring a durable and visually appealing finish that would withstand the harsh conditions of the mining environment.

  • Structural Reinforcement with I-Beam Installation

    To meet the client’s requirement of supporting heavy loads within the container, we embarked on the installation of a robust 6.6-meter I-beam. Building interior structures allowed us to securely position the beam, providing structural integrity and stability essential for the container’s intended use as a workshop on a mine site.

  • Crawl and Chain Block Installation

    For efficient material handling and lifting operations, we installed a crawl and chain block system onto the I-beam. This mechanism enables safe and controlled movement of heavy equipment and materials within the workshop, enhancing productivity and safety for workers on the site.

  • Professional Load Testing for Safety Assurance

    Safety is paramount in all our projects. To ensure the structural integrity of the I-beam and its capacity to bear loads, we conducted rigorous load testing. Our team of experts professionally assessed the beam’s performance, certifying a Safe Working Load of 1000 kilograms, thus guaranteeing the safety of personnel and equipment operating within the workshop.

  • Electrical Installation and Compliance

    Creating a conducive work environment necessitated the integration of electrical components. We installed a distribution board (DB), along with two double plugs and two 4-foot LED vapor-proof lights, providing ample illumination and power outlets for equipment and tools. Additionally, a light switch was fitted for convenient control of lighting within the container. To uphold electrical safety standards, we supplied an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C), ensuring regulatory compliance and peace of mind for our client.

  • Seamless Walkway Integration

    Lastly, to facilitate ease of movement and accessibility between containers 1 and 2, we executed a precision cutout measuring 1.7 meters by 2 meters. This cutout, framed with a sturdy rectangle tube, aligned seamlessly with the corresponding opening in the adjacent container, creating a walkway that enhances operational efficiency and workflow between the containers.

In conclusion, the transformation of Container 2 exemplifies Storage Wise’s commitment to innovation, quality, and client satisfaction. Through meticulous planning, expert craftsmanship, and adherence to safety standards, we have successfully transformed two standard shipping containers into a dynamic workspace tailored to the unique requirements of our client’s mining operation. If you’re seeking customized container solutions to elevate your business operations, Storage Wise is your trusted partner for excellence. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and unlock the full potential of container modification.

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