Open container with rubberised flooring and electrical lights

Storage WISE Converts Containers into a Mining Workshop: Part 1

Storage WISE recently embarked on a transformative project for a repeat customer in the mining industry. The challenge? To convert two 6-meter containers into a unified workshop space, complete with specific modifications tailored to meet the demands of a mining site.

Making the vision a reality

The customer’s vision was to seamlessly integrate the two containers, positioning them side by side while creating a connecting walkway between them. Each container had unique requirements, necessitating distinct alterations to serve their intended purposes efficiently.

For Container 1, Storage WISE orchestrated a comprehensive overhaul, ensuring it met the operational specifications. The transformation included:

Container Preparation

Rust removal and thorough priming and painting of both interior and exterior surfaces to enhance durability and aesthetics.

Enhancements and Installations

  • A 6m standard shipping container

  • Installation of electrical provisions, comprising a distribution board (DB), 2 double plugs, 2 units of 4-foot LED Vapour-proof lights, along with a light switch. Furthermore, a Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C) for electrical work was supplied, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

  • Application of polyurethane rubberised flooring for added durability, ease of maintenance, and enhanced safety within the workspace.

  • Creation of a 1.7m x 2m cutout with a sturdy rectangle tube frame, serving as the walkway link between Container 1 and its counterpart.

Not simply a container, but a functional collaborative workshop

This meticulous conversion process ensures Container 1 is not just a container but a customised, functional space ready to serve its intended purpose as part of a collaborative workshop.

Read Part 2 for details on Container 2

Storage WISE executed specialised modifications involving an I-Beam installation, crawl space, chain block, and load certification to accommodate heavy-duty operations within the mining environment.

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