6m container with aluminium door and windows

Transforming Shipping Containers into Spectator’s Paradise: A Race Track Viewing Room


In the world of modern architecture and innovative design, shipping containers have found their way into the spotlight. These versatile structures have proven time and again that they can be transformed into stunning and functional spaces. In this blog, we will delve into an exciting project undertaken by Storage WISE, where they converted a 6m container into a state-of-the-art viewing room for a race track.

The Customer’s Vision

The story began when a previous customer of Storage WISE returned with a bold idea: to create a unique and comfortable gathering spot for spectators at their favorite race track. The goal was clear – to convert a 6m container into a fully equipped viewing room that would allow clients to watch exhilarating races unfold on the track.

The Challenge: Building a Room Above

To make this vision a reality, the customer had a specific requirement – the 6m container needed to be placed on top of a previously converted 12m container. This challenge demanded careful planning and engineering expertise to ensure a safe and structurally sound construction.

Storage Wise’s Expertise

With their reputation for delivering outstanding container conversions, Storage WISE was up to the task. The team took on the challenge and set out to create the ultimate race track viewing room that would leave spectators in awe.

The Conversion Process

  • Expansive Views with HS189XX Aluminium Windows

    To provide an unobstructed view of the race track, two HS189XX Aluminium Windows were installed. These windows were carefully designed to slide open, allowing the spectators to feel the adrenaline rush as they witness the roaring race cars.

  • Elegant Entrance with SHD0921 Single Aluminium Glass Door

    A stylish entrance was essential to welcome clients into the viewing room. The SHD0921 Single Aluminium Glass Door perfectly fit the bill, adding a touch of sophistication to the container conversion.

  • Seamless Outdoor Access with SDOX2121N Aluminium Sliding Glass Door

    To enhance the overall experience, Storage WISE incorporated an SDOX2121N Aluminium Sliding Glass Door, leading out to a spacious deck. This design feature allowed spectators to step outside and enjoy the fresh air while still being a part of the racing action.

  • Comfortable Interiors with 40mm ISO Panels

    The interior of the container was insulated with 40mm ISO panels, ensuring a comfortable environment regardless of the weather conditions outside. This thoughtful addition would keep the spectators cozy during chilly races and cool during scorching summer events.

  • Climate Control with Samsung 12000BTU Split Unit Inverter Aircon

    Recognising the importance of climate control, a Samsung 12000BTU Split Unit Inverter Aircon was installed to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the viewing room at all times.

  • A Well-Lit Space with Custom Lighting Setup

    The Storage WISE team carefully wired the interior with a fully functional distribution board (DB) that included 2 x double plugs, 2 x PIO Panel lights, and a light switch. This custom lighting setup illuminated the space, ensuring perfect visibility for spectators.

  • Rubberised Flooring with Polyurethane Rubberising

    To enhance safety and comfort, the flooring was rubberised with polyurethane rubberising, providing a non-slip surface for visitors to walk on.

  • Removing Container Doors and Installing Sliding Door

    As the final step in the transformation process, the original container doors were removed to make way for the installation of the sliding door. This alteration completed the seamless indoor-outdoor transition, making the viewing experience all the more enjoyable.


In the end, Storage WISE’s expert team successfully transformed a 6m container into a remarkable race track viewing room, combining functionality, comfort, and style. This innovative project stands as a testament to the endless possibilities of container conversions and showcases how shipping containers can be repurposed to create exceptional spaces for various purposes. Whether it’s for business, leisure, or entertainment, shipping container conversions have truly emerged as a sustainable and cutting-edge solution in modern architecture.

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